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  • 399 kr

Discover the epitome of elegance and performance with Dahlbergs Scandinavia’s Slim straightener. Every aspect is meticulously designed to deliver the unmatched styling precision, ensuring that you’re ready to face the world with confidence and style.

Key Features

Ceramic Coating with Tourmaline:
The flat iron boasts a premium ceramic coating enriched with tourmaline, a gemstone known for its natural ionizing properties. It ensures not only an even heat distribution for efficient styling but also releases negative ions to counteract frizz, leading to smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

Digital Display:
Precision is at your fingertips with the intuitive digital display. Customize your styling experience by easily adjusting and monitoring the temperature, ensuring optimal heat for your specific hair type and desired style.

Ultra-Slim Design:
With a 9 mm width, the SleekPerfection offers finesse and precision that’s unparalleled. It’s your perfect companion for creating sleek, straight locks or bouncy curls, especially designed for those with short hair and bangs or for crafting detailed styles.

Adjustable Temperature Setting:
Tailor your styling with the adjustable temperature setting ranging from 120–230℃. Whether you’re working with fine, delicate locks or thick, coarse tresses, achieve flawless results with customized heat settings.

Lock Function:
Safety and convenience are intertwined in the design with the lock function, ensuring that the plates are securely closed when not in use. It’s a thoughtful touch for easy storage and safe travel.

2m Swivel Cord:
Experience ultimate freedom of movement with the 2-meter swivel cord, designed to prevent tangling and provide maximum flexibility as you style, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience every time.

Product Specifications

  • Coating: Ceramic with Tourmaline
  • Display: Digital
  • Size: 9 mm width
  • Temperature Range: 120–230℃
  • Additional Features: Lock Function, 2m Swivel Cord

Immerse in the Dahlbergs Experience

Dahlbergs Scandinavia's Elegance Slim Flat Iron is more than a styling tool; it’s a passport to a world where elegance, technology, and precision coexist. Every stroke, a symphony of technology and artistry; every style, a testament to the unparalleled Scandinavian design.

Adorn yourself with the confidence that comes from knowing that every strand is touched by the harmonious blend of technology and elegance. In the world of Dahlbergs Scandinavia, every day is a canvas, and with the Elegance Slim Flat Iron, you’re the artist, painting masterpieces with every glide.

Dahlbergs Scandinavia – Unleashing Elegance, One Strand at a Time.

Order the Elegance Slim Flat Iron today. Step into a realm where each strand of hair is a verse in the poetry of your elegance, and every style is a chapter in the story of your unmatched grace. Welcome to the world of Dahlbergs Scandinavia, where elegance is not just offered but experienced.